Recycling…Is it only our duty?


Over the recent few years, the government has proposed new recycling rules and strategies. As we all know, many of our rubbish that ends up in the dustbins can be recycled, they are encouraging people to recycle newspapers, plastics and glasses in order to create a sustainable environment for living. They are also asking the public to purchase less packaged products, but is it our fault that the supermarkets supply over packaged products? Should it not be the government’s initiative to pressurise the companies to use less packaging and ones made with recyclable materials?The government believes that by 2010, almost all the landfills in the UK will be full. This has put immense pressure both on the public and the authorities to tackle the situation and take some drastic actions to prevent an unhealthy world for the new generations to live in and also preserve natural resources for future use. However, despite all these strict measures, I have recently noticed the lack of recycling bins in the local areas of north London. They are mainly based in the local supermarkets but it has fascinated me as to why there are not sufficient bins in the neighbourhood to encourage the residents to recycle their rubbish. What is concerning is that North London is considered to be the better part of London by the environmental institute in terms of the amount of bins it supplies. It is worrying to think about the state of some other parts of London which are not given as much attention with regards to recycling.