Too young to recycle?

So how young is too young to recycle? Why can’t kids recycle their juice bottles from their packed lunches, or the paper they use to draw on?Being an older sister myself, I feel very responsible in making sure my younger sisters know the importance of why we should reuse products such as bottles, and I have to say, at the ages of 7 and 11 both my sisters know that paper doesn’t belong in the bin with the rubbish, but in the recycle box in the garden.  

So does it come down to the fact that it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids about the importance of reusing goods? Or they are too young to be given so much information, which is “irrelevant to their current lives”? I thought every parent wishes the best for their child’s future…but from what I see at the moment the future doesn’t look to healthy for our kids to grow up in.

So whose fault is it?  
The producers, for producing over packaged products?
The schoolteachers, for not providing adequate lessons on environmental issues?
Or the parents for not taking the time out to inform their kids about their future and the world that they’ll live in?