Recycle Food Waste

I’ve read an interesting article on the BBC news website about a new 12-month collection trial which involves thousands of householders in East Renfrewshire recycling their food waste.

This is really good news, as £800 million worth of food is thrown away each year just in the Scottish area, which according to the Scottish Environmental protection agency works out as almost £370 per home.


All the talk about authorities not doing enough has proved us wrong because they are finally doing something which actually seems to look like a good plan. There is nothing the householders will not be provided with as each house receives a seven-litre kitchen caddy and bags to go inside them. They even thought about vermin and foxes and a large seal-able container would also be provided to keep them out.


So really, there is no reason why these households who have been invited to take part shouldn’t recycle! It will make them realise how much extra food they buy which ends up in their bins and will also help the environment as they can reduce the amount of waste they send to the landfills from the current 65% to the expected level of 35% by 2020. That is a huge task that will only be achieved with the help of householders.


The authorities are hoping to spread this trial to the whole country, meanwhile we should start to do out bit by reducing the amount of unnecessary food we all purchase so we can reduce such big amounts of waste being taken to landfill sites…after all, there only so much space for rubbish.