Recycling bins at train stations?

ChrysanthemumA campaign by the local green party in the area of St Albans have been successful in winning recycling bins at their train station.


Spokesmen Simon Grover has said: “It’s an opportunity to recycle a huge amount everyday”.


However, I find this new system somewhat strange. Placing recycling bins in train stations may reduce the amount of newspapers being littered, mainly the free London papers, but I don’t think it will reduce the amount of paper being used in total, if anything it will increase it.

I’ve always liked the idea of reusing anything that can be reused, and a newspaper is one of those products that can be reused numerous amount of times. So why place a bin which is going to encourage commuters to dispose their paper rather then leaving it on the seat for someone else to read. Seeing as we all do pick up newspapers on tubes, trains, trams and busses I think it’s an unintelligent step to take.


That is my opinion and I would be very interested in hearing some of yours, some comment away and let me know of your thoughts.