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Recycling bins at train stations?

A campaign by the local green party in the area of St Albans have been successful in winning recycling bins at their train station.   Spokesmen Simon Grover has said: “It’s an opportunity… Continue reading

MEPs tougher recycling targets

According to the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) who held a vote on 8 April, recycling targets should be increased and incinerators subjected to efficiency criteria when burning waste for energy ‘recovery’ purposes.… Continue reading


As I am sitting here in my class for this unit, I can see a recycling bin the corner of the room for paper and labelled. Great… Makes me feel better that my… Continue reading

“Recycling makes you feel better” ?

Ok, so I’ve heard from various people that they recycle because it… -“Makes me feel better…” -“I feel that I’m helping the environment…” -“It makes me feel that i’m a better  person…” ok,… Continue reading

Importance of recycling

In today’s world the importance of recycling is becoming greater of a concern both for the general public and also to the economy. Recycling has become a major issue as scientific research has… Continue reading

Reduce and Reuse!

Today, this country recycles 32.5 percent of its waste, a rate that has almost doubled during the past 15 years. Recycling household materials like aluminium, paper and plastic redirects millions of tons of… Continue reading

Recycling…Is it only our duty?

Over the recent few years, the government has proposed new recycling rules and strategies. As we all know, many of our rubbish that ends up in the dustbins can be recycled, they are… Continue reading